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The virus gone away?

I thought that the summer has finished after July 13, but it’s still there!! This week became hot weather again. There were very heavy thunders yesterday, but after the bunch of water, today is clear sky and hot summer.

Essentially, we have to put the mask on in the public places or shopping market, but really, no one put it on…. In the metro, of course no masks,,, in the shopping mall, of curse no…

That was funny that I saw today that security man who’s usually standing in front of the entrance, whispering “put the mask , put the mask (ностите маск)”. Really, he was whispering just close to my ears…. There was different security man on the different line. He looks very tough guy, was shouted the people who are entering the shopping mall without masks “PUT THE MASK ON!!”.

Last week, the daughter of my friend came to Moscow from other city of Russia by airline. She said that there were full of people in the airplane and airport. After hearing this fact, the news showed the situation of Moscow airport. The screen shows that so many people with kids or family group in the airport for having summer vacation inside Russia. The Russian resort area is also many people, of course they don’t put the mask, thousand of people in the buffet no social distance.

This is the situation surrounding the COVID-19 here. It looks like there is no virus anymore in summer.



It has been past 4 months since I started to work from home. The time past so quickly! I have been in “The New Tretyakov Gallery” (Moscow Museum of Modern Art) this evening because every Wednesday is free. I entered the exhibition different from which I wanted to see it, but I could see the works of Boris Mikhailov which I used to see before. Yuriy Norshteyn , those were very good.


Retail Space Available テナント募集

After the lockdown, I see a lot of the advisements “Retail Space Available ” around my house, like Vkus Bill (grocery shop), Photo magazine, etc.   I saw that several retail shops or cafes can’t open after lifting restriction.

The local news say that about 80% of Moscow restraints will open after the restriction on June 23rd.  This number is slightly different  72% of Evator research company.

By the end of 2020, the share of vacant space in shopping centers will be 13-15%, as predicte an analyst. Anyway, many shops face to close their shops. We are watching this reality already now



Souse:Эксперт: около 80% ресторанов Москвы откроются после снятия ограничений 23 июня”


Souse: В центре Москвы навсегда закрылись больше сотни магазинов и кафе

It was a great sunny day for a Victory parade

Today it was held the Victory parade which would be held on 9 May.

I didn’t check that they did something with weather to be sunny. Anyway it was a nice sunny day. I saw the airshow. It always makes me surprised and really impressive every time.

Moscow mayor recommended seeing the parade at home through the TV. Despite that,  I saw people watch the procession in the city center. Also I saw that audience in red square were difficult to keep the social distance.. It is true that usually, Moscovich tends to spend the holiday of Victory day outside of the country. Due to the expansion of coronavirus, many Moscovichs had a chance to see Victory parade on the live broadcast. Especially this year was 75th anniversary, the parade was enthusiastic. Moreover, it was a big event for Russian people and the parade could not be held in May because of the Covid-19, actually, many people were disappointed. I thought that they cerebrate too exaggeratedly, but this year, I thought that it is good things that people never forget WWII.  Living there for a long time, I already memorize the Victory days songs.. Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son, daughter, grandson, daughter, everybody participates in this event since they were little.

Che, what!? Что, че ?

I met cashier with an angry woman for the first time in ages today. It was in the electric shop in Citylink. Although today is a weekday, there were quite enough people in the shop evening. The moment I stopped by the checkout counter with my order number, she said to me “Chto (what)? “. For me what is what? I am coming here to buy your product! I want to pay! She was doing something with price tags, maybe she was busy with multi-tasks, but it is not an attitude for the client who readies to pay…

This unpleasant cashier can be observed especially before, well let say Soviet time.  They tended to show the attitude that they took the trouble to sell it to the client. “If you want to buy, take it but it not of my business”. But now, there are many people who educated what is business is, understand what service is.

When I saw the cashier like today, I always say in my head ” Welcome back to the Soviet Union! “







Source: RBK “В Москве зарегистрировали исторический температурный рекорд для 17 июня”

Source: Mir24 “Вдохновленные солнцем: в Москву и регионы пришел аномальный зной”

It has been exactly 3 month

It is time for writing that today is exactly 3 months started to work remotely. The restriction lift is starting step by step, starting from tomorrow, summer terraces of cafe and restaurant will open.

Indeed, we are living in an unusual time. I saw my nearest photo processing shop was closed because of this current happening today.. I heard H&M or Zara will close several shops here. It is not only about apparel but also any business can happen in this situation.

When is the summer solstice?

Today was a very beautiful day because outside is not so hot around 20℃ and there was the sun. Even I felt that bit chilly for a wind.

New is the most beautiful season here.

I have checked when is the summer solstice this year, it is on June 21st on Sunday. I wonder how to spend the time on that day. It is a grandiose day actually.











そして、今日日曜日はとっても暑かったー。いきなり暑くなるから、身体もついていけるかな。でも、寒いよりかは暖かいことには越したことないからいいですね。緑もモクモク濃くなっていきます。近くの公園も人がたくさん散歩してて、みんな楽しそうだった。マスクをしている人は全然いませんでした笑 というか、このいい天気でマスクと手袋をしていたら暑い。お店に行くときはマストだけど、野外はそこまでうるさくないのです。そうそう、公園散歩の後に小さなスーパーにいったら、ハイヒールでミニスカのおねいさんが、マスクつけないで入店していた。暑いから肌も露出していたけど「これが私のモットーよ」みたいな感じで、堂々した態度で店内のリンゴを選別していました。お店によっても、マスクして!とかソーシャルディスタンス守って! とかうるさいところもあるけど、適当なところもあって、そこらへんの対応はお店によってまちまち。



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That is true that Russian people tend to have a sweet wine than a dry one. But actually their are changing their taste from sweet to dry. Actually, when I had Russian champagne, I was surprised that what’s a sweet champagne!! Now, who those enjoy wine, especially among young people, they tend to choose dry wine than sweet one.